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TE and Wax Valley Candle Co. - a prominent handcrafted candle studio in Bangkok collaborates and created this dazzling artisan tea scented soy wax candle.  With natural organic soy wax, cotton wick, unique scent blend, this combination creates your personal atmosphere instently. It will not release toxic substance while buring and the ingredients are all natural and mild that you can even use it for hand massage after warmed it up!


TE和 Wax Valley Candle Co. 聯乘創作的茶葉香味大豆蠟燭。Wax Valley Candle Co. 是一間於曼谷素有明聲的手工大豆蠟燭工作室。用上全天然有機大豆蠟燭和綿芯、把獨特的茶葉香味融入大豆蠟燭內,這組合能為你即時建立一個屬於自己的氛圍。因為是使用天然素材所以當臘燭燃燒時不會釋出有毒物質,加暖後更可用作手部按摩油之用!



Spa in a Cup Natural Soy Wax Candle

SKU: TE0012
    • 120g in Tin Canister
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