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Have a TE-LICIOUS  Time

-   ABOUT US  -

TE dedicates in bringing our audience inspiring Thai beverage experience in an unconventional fashion. Our high quality tea leaf are hand-blended with a wide variety of traditional Thai herbs which were frequently used in Thai cuisine but were rarely thought of when it comes to beverages and drinks. Our products are unique, natural, free of additives, artificial colouring or flavouring, and most important of all, health conscious. Every blend is designed to be beneficial to health and well-being of drinker, also ensuring each of the experience are full of surprises. Try once and our product will speak for themselves!

TE offers premium loose tea leaf & infusions for your greatest pleasure and leisure.  Using high quality tea leaf imported from Fujian Province in China, and hand blend with quality herbs from the best sources in Thailand planted by local farmers, which infuses the essence of Chinese tea leaf as the base and the wisdom of mixing with Thai herbs.

TE envision to promote the TE lifestyle and attitude by merging the use of TE products in daily life, we provide high quality and health-benefits tea leaf and blends with various options of infusions for tea lovers and those who are health enthusiasts.  Workshops enable a community to share their tea experience and creativity by personalizing blends and joint activities.

TE enriches the quality of living, provides healthy choices of beverages and cherish the value of original farmers and crafters.






TE's tea leaf and tea blends are approved by Thai FDA


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