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French Rose, Hibiscus, Mulberry Green & Stevia

法國玫瑰 |  烙神花 | 白桑綠茶 | 甜葉菊


Vitamin C and minerals generously infused with pleasant sweet French Rose.  Its aroma helps relaxing your mind, building a strong immune system, and strengthening digestive system.  Stevia reduces blood sugar while Hibiscus lowers blood pressure.

Midsummer Dream調配花草茶用上上乘的法國玫瑰、洛神花、白桑綠茶及甜葉菊,注滿大量的維他命C和礦物,絕對是天然的抗老靈丹!

Midsummer Dream

SKU: TE0803
    • 40g in Tin Canister
    • approx. 20-23 cups of tea
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